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    The projector market continues to be one of the most active in the visual segment and to know which verticals generate opportunities, ITSitio consulted Ricardo Lenti, General Manager Latin America of ViewSonic and Rodrigo Troncoso, Regional Product Manager of Epson America . In this sense, the executives referred to their vision of this business in Latin America and highlighted which sectors the channel should consider in order to obtain a good margin with these devices. Get to know products, projections, trends and much more in this special report.

    Days ago, a teacher told me about a “wise technological decision”.According to him, because he had bought a projector, he managed to capture the attention of his students and turn their classes into a more attractive and interactive space. So far, it seems to be a simple anecdote, taking into account the attraction that today students feel for the technologies. However, the most interesting of the case is that this educator shared her experience with other colleagues and this motivated that the directors of the educational institution decided to invest in the purchase of more equipment of projection.

    Zur Bestenliste The projector has become a symbol of what is the technology of education, along with tablets and of course the PCs,” said Ricardo Lenti, General Manager Latin America of ViewSonic , adding, ” The trend more Important that stands out here, and that impacts in general the whole market, is that the images are the center of attention and the bigger the better. ”

    In this same direction, Rodrigo Troncoso, Regional Product Manager of Epson America , for his part, agreed on the importance of the projector: “To date, many educational institutions have adopted interactivity as a means to improve the teaching process “.

    The truth is that, just as this school acquired three projectors, to distribute in their different shifts, there are several educational institutions that go down this road. Hence, the business opportunity for the channel. “Education has so far been the most important vertical, driven by large purchases by the Ministries of Education throughout the region as well as private school and university education,” said Lenti.

    In fact, ViewSonic has among its portfolio of products a wide variety of projectors that, without a doubt, can take advantage of the channel to do good business, even beyond the Education sector. In this sense, according to Lenti, ” ViewSonic’s product mix with more than 30 projector models has models for each segment, with advanced technologies for each of the different verticals .

    For, as explained the executive, “the market has specialized verticals where they stand out Education, Small and Medium Enterprise, Corporate and the market of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars. Each one with its peculiarities so we see many resellers who have specialized in these segments “. Meanwhile

    , Troncoso stressed that “although the largest demand is in the entry segments (SVGA up to 3,200 lumens), the most” Hi-End “and professional lines are where the greatest technological and Strategic in the industry. It is precisely in this segment that Epson has been creating and launching new technologies and products to the market. ”

    For the executive of ViewSonic, there is a clear trend in the region. ” The trend we see is that specialization continues to deepen and with it the opportunity to offer solutions that bring more margins. To a university, or even to a restaurant, the offer is focused on a technification solution or an audiovisual solution that includes an advanced multimedia platform. ”

    Anyway, like ViewSonic, as Troncoso said, Epson is also focusing on education. “In the education segment, Epson has fully cross-cutting models for each type of educational institution. This includes from very competitive price models with high levels of technical specifications, to sophisticated interactive projectors with touch technology. ”

    Epson was one of the first brands to launch an interactive projector in the world more than 6 years ago. ” All this experience and trajectory has allowed Epson to excel in interactive teams with 86% market share, by 2015 in the region,” recalled Troncoso and added: ” Both colleges and universities throughout Latin America have  large bases Installed Epson BrightLinks interactive projectors. ”

    For this reason, the executive of Epson emphasized that “the commercialization of projectors has been and will continue being good business for the channel”. In fact, “Epson is committed to a successful marketing model and this makes the distribution channel a key part of the product sales and positioning process. To the extent that channels can develop expertise in the dynamics of this business, it will allow them to deliver greater added value, thus contributing to maximizing their profits, “concluded Troncoso.

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