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  • Using the Email To Do Business

    I created a list of the main problems observed in email communications of many novice Internet users to verify, improve and control these details if  do business via

    Those macho types know that when a woman driver passes in front of your vehicle shout: “Who gives you the license to women?”

    Well, for the last two numbers a person receiving the newsletter sends us the message “REMOVE” but in his direction (to make the REPLY) and as a single figure figure: “His full name here”

    The worst case is that after this number certainly very offended forward a message saying: “This is the third time I request disenrollment my direction …”

    Before I cause my third irrepressible tantrum it seemed important to make a list of the main problems observed in email communications of many novice Internet users to verify, improve and control these details.

    We dispatched about 100,000 emails every month and received between 1000 and 2000, so we have a long list of details to mention, based on experience. (And, paraphrasing the macho say: “Who will be given an email account these guys?”)

    Fill out the information in your Program Email:

    This is an error that we observed in one in every 100 emails, but can hurt a lot. Most programs have their name and description of the account (email address) included the time of installation. However, there is a special field, called “Reply to”, used to indicate that Your WANT TO WHERE YOU MESSAGES answer.

    You may use the same address from which you send your emails or you may want the answers in a different one.

    Who answer an email, usually do so using the “REPLY TO” function which automatically generate email response.

    Some people who have not completed this field have cases like the one quoted above (friend “Your Full Name Here”) or the type of “Your Alias”. This hinders the work who wants to respond and in some cases can cause you to lose great opportunities.

    TIP 1: Controls the field “REPLY TO”

    The Firm is UTIL

    Almost all programs allow you to generate one or more files with your “signature”.
    Usually it is a text file where you can put your name, address, phone, website, other email addresses, etc.

    As the program automatically placed at the end every time you refer an email, you should not be reinterando data.

    In addition, programs that allow have several “signatures” you can use the one that suits you as the recipient that the message heading.

    If our friend “Your Full Name Here” were using a signature, we could certainly get in touch with him to resolve the issue.

    TIP 2: If you is useful, learn to use the “signatures”

    Text not talk back uselessly

    In many practical answers to reiterate the text originally sent us to provide the participant maintaining the “thread” of conversation.

    But in other cases it is absolutely useless and the fact of making “REPLY” to all text that sent us is particularly uncomfortable for who gets the message.

    For example : Our case, when some subscribers refer us ALL NEWSLETTER (about 30 Kb) to say: “Congratulations !!”
    Yes, yes … make us very happy …

    TIP 3: Careful / or not reiterate the full text unless it is useful or necessary.

    Beware of Free Accounts

    No doubt the fact of having servers for emails free and accessible Web is a real blessing.

    You can create different accounts for different uses and, if Internet access is made from work or university, one maintains independence in its communications.

    However, when you pretend DOING BUSINESS Internet keep in mind that your email address is the equivalent of your card or stationery.

    Serious people shy away messages style:
    “URGENT, I need investors of $ S 2,000,000 for important business.”
    Answers to: (not if there)

    For just starting to navigate and addresses lists Business (like Grippo) and sends request information from free accounts, is rapidly giving a pattern that is an improvised / or that either seeks anonymity because dedicated to annoy or defraud people or, EVEN HAVE OWN EMAIL aCCOUNT (therefore much less is a potential partner for a business) .Ten this into account because it is much more important than you think.

    And US They are limiting participation in auction sites and even the purchase with card- for those who send as addresses “free” accounts since most scams are committed with them.

    Do not trust anyone who does business from [] (not if there). Nor did anyone seriously expect TAKE SERIOUSLY you if you intend to keep your communication from [] (not if there).

    Tip 4: Have a REAL email address for your business communications.

    Watch your spelling

    Except for the accents and even the “ñ” that can be difficult to achieve in some computers, be careful with spelling for business messages.

    A message like: “agradesco ME IF INVERCION REPORT OF A MILLION DOLLARS FOR THIS TO YOUR alcanse YOU SEND DATA SOLISITADOS” is usually avoided immediately by anyone “CERIA”.

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