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  • The radical diets of the models to be able to parade

    The radical diets of the models to be able to parade

    This fight has always been present in the world of fashion, since there is no perfect woman by nature and all want to make the cut to be able to march now that the great week of fashion in New York begins. Although a public manifesto has been made by the most prestigious fashion magazines and the most international designers have spoken to stop this disease that stalks the models, there has always been the temptation to lose weight and quick methods to do so.

    The truth is that every year there is a case or someone who talks about it, and this year was not going to be less. The model Dikhtyar Kira has admitted that there are still models capable of doing anything to lose weight quickly.

    This Russian, 22 years old, has been the model that has lit the fuse to denounce these radical techniques, which make the food completely disappear from the routine of the models that want to lose weight.

    Tobacco, pills and laxatives are the preferred weapons of many models, which in order to stay in the ideal figure put their metabolism at risk.

    But what is most surprising and as stated by Diktyar Kira in ‘Fox News’, is that every time the methods of weight loss are perfected and now what is fashionable is pricking. Injections that accelerate the functioning of the thyroid and a diet of 500 calories, stimulate the metabolism to make digestions faster.

    This new method involves injecting a hormone called HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, which is found in the urine of pregnant women and which supposedly acts as an appetite suppressant. However, there is no scientific study to prove its effectiveness, reports ‘Daily Mail &‘.

    THE MODELS CONTINUE TO BE PRESSED TO BE THIN Unfortunately the tendency for models to be thin to be able to walk on the catwalk is still very much in force in the fashion world, so much so that even if there is a fight against thinness, there are still cases of anorexia among the models.

    But there is not everything left, the controversy that these impressive models stop eating is nothing compared to the tendency to consume drugs a few months before the start of fashion weeks.

    Supposedly cocaine is the drug they consume the most, all in order not to be hungry and thus not gain weight. Moreover, the former model and now fashion designer Jackie Christie has also taken the floor in this controversial trend, saying that she has seen how models use the most dangerous techniques.

    Hypnosis to control hunger or swallow cotton balls to get rid of excess fat, are some of the atrocities that have been heard after the backstage of any parade.

    It can not be denied that appearance is something very important in the models and although healthy lifestyle habits have been promoted, recently we have the case of the model Coco Rocha, who last year confessed to having felt a lot of pressure to get her to look malnourished.

    Thus, and thanks to the testimony of this young Russian model, we are witnessing that we have not yet managed to overcome anorexia, or abusive techniques, or drugs in the fashion world.

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