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  • The BlackBerry enterprise platform is already compatible with Android for Work

    BlackBerry becomes one of the most powerful partners of Google with the official release of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) platform version with Android for Work .

    Google and BlackBerry have been working together during these last months to integrate BES12 with the solution of Android for Workcompanies , so that business users enjoy on their Android devices the full experience and security offered by BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry is one of the companies with the most experience in business mobility management solutions . A few years ago it was a leader in the sector thanks to its BlackBerrys, but now with the rise of Android the Canadian company has had no choice but to join forces with Google to now try to make BES the best solution for Android for Work .

    Android for Work is Google’s solution with which companies can allow their workers to use their character devices in a safe way to work. Android for Work will keep the personal data and applications of the data and work applications separately and securely.

    To use Android for Work you need to use some of the compatible enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. Currently, Android for Work partners are Google, PGP BlackBerry, VMware, Citrix, IBM, MobileIron, SAP and SOTI.

    Here’s the Five free business applications for BlackBerry

    Although the BlackBerry has become relevant in areas that are not typically business (such as personal mobile), we must not forget that in its beginnings, and even today, is a mobile of the workplace due to its applications and its ease of handling documents . Therefore, here is a list of the five best free business applications for BlackBerry :

    The five free applications for BlackBerry

    1. HandyLogs: It is a useful application to organize our expenses so that we can organize them according to the money to be spent and averaging how much we have spent on a graph. According to its website , it says that it is for personal, medical or business use. You can make private entries for each client, customize the lists according to your needs, you can add notes, among other features. It is also available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Symbian, Windows and Palm.
    2. UPS Mobile: It is interesting for all those people who use the UPS system and delivery system, since with it you can have a detailed tracking of where the package is. In addition, you can know the rate quotes, the transit times, and find the nearest UPS location. Pseudonyms can be chosen for packages to streamline references.
    3. Nice Office LITE: It is an application that is responsible for managing our calendar data, contacts and documents, among others. It also makes a backup on our site web to keep this information. You can store documents online and send them directly to customers, create custom sales fields and track them. The updates are synchronized wirelessly between the mobile device and the web page.
    4. DataBackUp: Make BackUps of all the information we have on our mobile device: photos, documents, videos, contacts, notes and much more. The disadvantage is that you need a microSD memory card to backup the information, because it does not work in the ‘cloud’.
    5. Scoop: Serves to share text or multimedia data with all customers who also own a BlackBerry . It has a flexible choice of media (audio, voice, text), is organized intuitively in lists, has a system of quick and reliable alerts, is integrated with the contacts of the mobile device, has a double security mode, You can encrypt sensitive data, you have full access to mobile data without an Internet connection with automatic synchronization of connection to the network.

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