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  • Seven keys to being able to set up your own wedding photography business

    A few weeks ago we offered a special about wedding photography in which you have a complete guide to be able to face a photographic report of this type . Whether you have followed it or if, for whatever reason, you intend to dedicate yourself to this discipline and start your own business, we will give you the keys to start it successfully .

    And it is not surprising that with the cheapening of SLR cameras and the popularization of photography at all levels are many who believe that it is not so complicated to become professional photographers . Specifically, either because they like it or because it seems a relatively lucrative business opportunity (usually paid well, although not without sacrifices), the social report photography is a field through which many people seek to enter the field professional.

    However, if you really want to start your own business with Actual Day Wedding Photography and Videography Singapore dedicated to professional wedding photography, you should consider a series of requirements and skills that you need to meet or develop so that your business starts to work well. We go with them:

    1. Know your tool well

    The work involved in a wedding report is not something simple, with the peculiarity that the professional must portray a series of unique and unrepeatable moments that can happen very quickly. Therefore, the main thing for a photographer of this type is to know well his camera and other equipment he uses to know how to get the most out of them and be able to face the different situations that will be found in a wedding . We talked about all this in the special that I mentioned at the beginning, so I recommend you read it quietly and, above all, do not even think about trying to pass for a professional if you’re just a simple fan.

    Think that the learning of photography is a long process that can last a lifetime (as much as you know there are always things to learn), but there are certain things that a photographer should not do until they are sure they are capable of facing them with guarantees . On the other hand, a good wedding photographer should be a person with a good eye for detail and a certain creative capacity .

    2. Meets the legal requirements

    An amateur may be tempted to start looking for jobs without worrying about legal issues , but one thing is to practice photography for fun and another to make a living with it. So before starting work we should have fulfilled certain legal requirements (which are not so complicated either).

    In principle, to start a business like this would be enough to register as autonomous what is not too complicated or expensive. To do this, you must go to the Treasury and register as self-employed in section 973.1 , which is the one referred to “Photographic Services”. The second step is to go to Social Security and register in the Autonomous Workers Regime. From there we will have to meet a series of requirements and obligations that would be too long and complicated to tell here, so we recommend you go to PymesyAutonomos , where you have much more information on all these topics.

    3. Design a business plan

    But even before meeting the legal requirements you should have made a business plan, even if it is minimal. It may seem unnecessary but I assure you that it is more useful than you think. Especially since doing it you will have much more clear how much money you need to start, what your operating expenses will be and how much you will need to invoice. Think you never know how many customers you will have, but a business plan will help you determine what is the minimum you need to make the business profitable .

    In this business plan you should also collect a market study (especially to know the competition) as well as the steps to follow to “open the closure”, including the legal procedures that we have mentioned before as well as others that you may need. For example register your brand, apply for a license to your town hall, open an account for your company or purchase insurance for your equipment.

    The business plan can range from the most detailed (what kind of services you will offer your customers and at what prices) to the most general, although the more complete the easier it is to know if the “jump to the vacuum” that you are going to perform When you set up your business, it will be successful or not. To learn more how to do it, again we refer you to our partners of Pymes and Autonomous .

    And with this we have finished, although surely you can think of many more things that are needed to start your own professional business of wedding photography . So you know, do not cut and leave your comments.

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