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  • Restaurant management: Why it is important to write a business plan

    For a restaurant that just opens its doors, writing a business plan is the most important step that can be taken. However, there are many owners who leave it out because it is not glamorous or exciting.

    Why is a business plan important?

    Owning a restaurant is a great event in life: you will invest money and you will also invest time.

    You will invest so much time that you will probably spend most of the day in the restaurant than in your home. You will spend more time with employees and co-workers than with family.

    With this information with, it is important to know what you are getting into, what the future holds, how you will handle future problems and how you plan to achieve business objectives.

    Regarding the money that you are going to invest, it is up to you to guarantee that the restaurant does not close soon after opening. Remember that any debt you have while the restaurant is open, will still be your responsibility if the business closes.

    1. Put your thoughts on paper

    Writing thoughts on paper helps you remember things easily. It is important not to forget anything, especially if you have conceived a new and unique idea that could give the business an advantage over the competition.

    2. Force to think in detail about ideas

    As you are writing the ideas, you will be forced to think deliberately and methodically about each one.

    Are the ideas realistic? Can they be executed? Will they be practical?

    If you do not know much about the restaurant business, you will find a lot of information in this step. If you are new to the restaurant business, this is another way to ensure that your heart is in the business.

    3. Makes you an expert in your business

    Thinking in detail about the ideas and then writing them lets you know every little detail of how the restaurant will work. You will quickly know the answer to any question about the business. In addition, you can highlight the advantages and show that you have already noticed possible problems.

    4. It gives you confidence to move forward

    Once everything is written in a booklet or format and printed presentation, you will feel better with what you have achieved. And you should feel good. Writing a business plan is like writing a small book. It will have a large number of pages, written in your tone from your point of view, with many entertaining facts that you will find while doing the research.

    Surely, you’ll feel good when holding it in your hands.

    5. Keeps you focused on the objectives

    After doing all that work, you must celebrate. Reaching the end means that you have demonstrated, and have shown others, that you are determined to open a restaurant and run your own business.

    Your goal will be on paper. It will be well thought out and you will have a map to guide you. At this point you must be very excited.

    If at some point you get out of the way , you will have some reference to return. It will help you on those long, annoying and tired nights in which you will remember the initial reason why you started your own business.

    6. It is a recipe for business success

    Not having a business plan for a newly opened restaurant is like seeing the image of a delicious meal that makes your mouth water and then try to recreate it without the recipe.

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