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  • Projectors for large spaces

    Our full range of large-space video projectors offer the highest reliability and robust yet lightweight enclosures, ensuring total cost of ownership that can be kept low even in the most challenging large environments. Our projectors for large spaces are usually installed in auditoriums, churches, theaters, exhibitions, concerts, as well as in other large sites, and have been used to project high quality images of monuments and large buildings. All of our large-space projectors offer brightness with a high level of lumens and are capable of displaying large images for a wide variety of contents.

    Panasonic’s large space projectors include models up to 20,000 lumens of brightness with image border merging functionality for projecting large images with multiple projectors. High contrast image functionality with beautiful color rendering and excellent image resolution translates into the availability of a projector model for use in any space and sector.

    The huge range of projector capabilities from Panasonic provides a perfect solution for every business

    Our range of projectors offer several technologies, including multi-lamp systems, ecological filters, 3D projection functionality, edge blending, LED and laser and Digital Link. The pure color control function, which independently controls the brightness of yellow tones to improve color reproduction, offers superior brightness with optimum color options. Expansion features include horizontal and vertical lens shift and a multi-screen compatibility system. The projectors can be rotated 360 ° vertically to allow projection directly from above or from below and offer exciting visual possibilities. These and other features allow a flexible installation for a wide variety of applications and guarantee a quality of image and clarity of our projectors capable of surpassing the scrutiny of the most demanding projection professionals.

    Click on the navigation links below to get more information about our ranges and select the Panasonic projector suitable for your business needs. Alternatively, you can contact us using the contact form to enable us to help you offer top quality projections. Click here

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