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  • How to Clean a leatherette sofa

    The sofas leatherette are a great alternative to leather sofa because for far less money can decorate your home and give the same warmth that if we had one of natural skin. The reality is that there are many models on the market that mimic the leather very well and sometimes will cost us differentiate from each other at a glance. But we must take into account a leatherette sofa requires more care so that no splitting or cracking, so we have to be more delicate when cleaning. In un Como we are going to tell you how to clean a leatherette sofa so that we would always like new.

    1. One of the first precautions that we have with the sofas of this synthetic material is avoid exposure to sunlight and heat sources . So when placing them in our living room, we have to choose the ideal place for sunlight Do not give your sofa directly, that is, if we put it under the windows should make sure to have curtains, for example. Nor do I put it under the air conditioner. Heat can dry it and spoil over time.
    2. What we have to keep in mind when cleaning our leatherette sofa is that never leave wet after cleaning. It is very important that we Let ‘s dry well with a dry cloth, away from direct sunlight as well we have told. Also, try to avoid any moisture on your couch, and supporting her head with wet hair or sit on it with wet bathing suit in summer.
    3. Although many have used wipes babies or cleansers to clean our leatherette sofa, it is not right to do so because these deteriorate the material that protects the couch and this causes to which it will shine. We must always use a damp cloth , not wet, with warm water to clean any stain and dry quickly with a dry, clean cloth.

    4. Before more stubborn stains such as pen, chocolate or blood, we can use a mild soap with damp cloth, as long as you carefully and clarify Let ‘s dry at the time. Another cleaner that can be used is clay stone or even a cotton swab with cleansing milk, as long as the stain is not gone with the above indications.

    For more stubborn stains , and only a timely manner, we will have to use a neutral detergent with a damp cloth to make it more effective cleaning. To this we must do it as soon as the stain appears to avoid so penetrate the couch and affect other materials.

    5. If what we want is a maintenance leatherette sofa cleaning London , we can clean it every week without any problems. We will use only damp cloth with warm water only. If we do weekly, we keep the sofa clean dust and will prevent stains from forming or dirty over time. So always look as new thanks to the brilliance that follows for cleanliness and continuous toilet.
    6. What I recommend is that you avoid this at all costs:
    • Avoids the use of chemicals to its fullest extent, especially solvents.
    • When you clean the sofa, do not rub vigorously , but do it carefully.
    • Do not apply wax or polish on your couch leatherette, since they have chemicals that will damage the surface of your couch.
    • Never dry them in the sun .
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