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  • Health center as a business idea

    Know the easy guide that presents all the data, information and strategies you need to open an innovative health center in Spain.


    What is a health center?

    A health center (CS) in Spain is a building where primary and urgent health needs are met in a population. Most of the health centers are public but you can also find much smaller private institutes.

    These are the basic components of a health center

    The elements that make up a health center vary by size and ability , however, to be considered as such should offer basic services such as:

    • Family doctor.
    • Pediatrics.
    • Kindergarten.
    • Nursing.
    • Odontology.
    • Ophthalmology.
    • Social work.
    • Administrative staff.
    • Cleaning staff.
    • Security staff.

    Some health centers in Spain offer broader services such as psychology, psychiatry, rheumatology, etc., but as I mentioned earlier, everything depends on how great your business idea and your budget .

    More complex specialties (such as surgeries) are usually treated in hospitals, sanitariums, or clinics nearby.

    Is a health center cost-effective?

    Health, like food, is a basic necessity for the human being, although the present is a little gray. The future of healthcare in Spain is much more hopeful because it will be based on greater collaboration between public health and private, as a strategy to improve the sustainability of the health system.

    The Spanish private healthcare sector was prepared to supply public health in 2014, following a cut of 35.6% in the General Budgets. – 20 Minutes

    Source of news: Private healthcare is in good health

    What options do you have for setting up your health center?

    A health center is a very general concept, therefore, should clearly define what type institution want to create and for what purposes . Among the possibilities you have are:

    • Hospitals.
    • Clinics.
    • Outpatient.
    • Center for specialized care (maternity, psychiatric, etc.).
    • Primary care center (CAP).

    Easy business plan for your health center

    To make your business idea equipment you need to consolidate a number of information under a business plan so you can present it to your team, your investors and determine if your business idea is profitable .

    But … How do you know if your health center is profitable?

    You should conduct a series of studies and plans that will help you focus your business even more and determine which niche markets would be more viable for you.

    In addition to your business plan, your business will need:

    • Market research : to determine which market sectors that have more needs are.
    • Study the competition : to know how your competitors behave, what they do, how they do and overcome.
    • Sales Plan : is the guide to sell your services.
    • Marketing plan : specific step by step how you should do your business advertising, where, why public; As well as how to keep your customers loyal to your company, etc.
    • Accounting : is the guide for setting accounting of your business.
    • Contingency plan : the plan of action for when any emergency arises (be ironic if your business comes down by an emergency unserved time right?).

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    Once you have your complete business plan, I suppose you have already focused your business in a certain area.

    Let’s look at an example:

    • The business idea: a health center to provide services first and second level at low cost and with the use of innovative technologies.

    1. An innovative health center is the key to success

    Creating a health center that copies exactly what already exists is not cost effective. What good is it for a user to have two very similar options? The key to your business survives is the advantage it has over the competition, value added and of course, innovation . If there are health centers nearby that do not specialize in a particular area, focus on it and make the most of it!

    I recommend that you include in your health center use of Internet and new technologies, as attention on social networks, questions section, online consultations and other devices remotely care to reduce costs, streamline processes and be at the same level Than your customers.

    If most of the potential patients are not familiar with the new technologies, why use them in a health center? Because medicine is changing and the projections for the future are very favorable. Older people are almost always accompanied by someone who knows the technology well and it is becoming more intuitive and easy to use.

    Another important aspect to consider is that inevitably users today will be your customers in the future , so they will feel “comfortable” using all these new devices.

    If I still do not believe, you can look at the infographic (in English) on ” available technology and preventive health care .”

    Health center as a business idea

    2. What does a health center need?

    Despite the available technology and new advances in preventive health  the most important health center remains the quality and reliability professionals .

    2.1 Support staff

    Since it is good to know that having the best professionals in the health area it will not be cheap and will have to compete with others to have them in your business. Look for the advice of expert companies in recruiting health personnel, create spaces and strategies that encourage them to go to work in your company.

    Do not forget that the requirement is also an important point in forging the reputation of your business. You must make your employees think: ” I want to work in this company because it provides different treatment for staff and patients techniques, also has everything one might need .” It sounds nice, but getting it will cost you a lot of dedication and effort.

    2.2 The location

    You must strategically choose the location of your health center. Getting there and nearby buildings are vital to make your business profitable. You can read my article on  locate your local business so you have a better idea.

    Your local needs : an entry emergency, a waiting room, specialized care rooms, rooms, toilets, cafeteria, rooms for nurses and doctors, emergency exits, stairs, advisors, access for people with disabilities, among others. For more information you can go to the page of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality .

    2.3 Required equipment

    The specialization of your health center will determine which equipments are necessary but like any business you must have the minimum necessary: furniture, chairs, desks, tables, decoration, lighting, beds, stretchers, water dispensers, cleaning equipment, Shelves, warehouses, etc.

    Health center as a business idea

    3. Make alliances

    Never a business has survived without help. Join with providers of all types to ensure the functioning of your health center and outsource vital processes . For this you must be a good negotiator and present your business plan and your action plan. Remember that everything must be within your budget:

    Some of the providers that I recommend you contact are:

    • Medical supplies (gauze, gloves, face masks, uniforms).
    • Purchase, maintenance and repair of medical equipment.
    • Laundry services, cleaning and specialized handling of toxic waste.
    • Instrument sterilization service.
    • Sponsored medical directory with advertising.
    • Insurance broker.
    • Medical Visitor.
    • Sale of medicines, accessories and supplies for patients.
    • Transport of patients.
    • Small pharmacy.
    • Rent of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, walking sticks, etc.
    • Development of web pages, software and applications for Townsville medical clinic. 

    4. Boost your business

    The most effective way to fund a health center is to seek help, loans or loans from the government, banks and large investors. To do this, you need the financing plan and have an approximate amount of how much it will cost to create, launch and maintain your health center.

    5. Use the Internet in your favor

    Follow the steps of United States health centers that are at the forefront of using the web as an ally for your business. Create a web page, mobile applications and attend your clients in social networks to create a more competitive health center.

    According to a survey of  TechnologyAdvice made to 360 doctors in the United States you can say that doctors are increasingly accepted technology for their work (maybe it ‘s time to apply in Spain and Latin America):

    6. Use social networks and mobility

    A survey of ZocDoc found that 87% of American physicians under 56 use social networks movably to advise their patients , but they do so under a non-professional format.

    When it comes to specific social networks, Facebook (with slightly more than 40%) proved to be the only means used by American doctors to report prescriptions, disease or progress in the health sector .

    Undoubtedly, these numbers reflect that your health center can take advantage of and exploit these market niches to boost the company.

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