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E-invoicing / E-procurement View Forum 6  topics
This is a discussion forum More and more attention are paid to the e-procurement / e-invoicing within companies owing to the potential costs cutting and processes streamlining of such activities. The objective of this discussion is to identify ways of further disseminating e-procurement and e-invoicing in SMEs.

Sector specific approaches View Forum 1  topic
This is a discussion forum More and more e-business policy initiatives focus on specific sectors. This discussion shall identify which sectors are most promising, whether sectoral initiatives are more efficient than others and shall draw recommendations on potential cross-sectoral initiatives (especially at European level).

Improving e-business solutions availability for SMEs View Forum No topics yet
This is a discussion forum SMEs have different needs with respect to ICT applications as compared to large companies. Although ICT suppliers focus their attention more and more on SMEs, there is still a lack of affordable ICT solutions for micro, small and medium size enterprises. In this context, the goal of this discussion is is threefold: 1) discuss/review the needs of SMEs 2) identify good policy practices in helping SMEs finding appropriate solutions (HW, SW, Services) 3) recommend policy actions (as appropriate) at European, national and/or regional level

E-business for micro-enterprises View Forum 1  topic
This is a discussion forum Micro-enterprises represent the vast majority of European companies. Owing to their size it seems that they have very specific needs regarding ICT and e-business. This discussion shall discuss which issues are at stake when talking about e-business for micro-enterprises, what is already done in this field and what the way forward shall be.

e-business self-assessment tools and training toolkits View Forum 2  topics
This is a discussion forum Training and coaching SMEs is the activity most commonly shared by eBSN members. This forum intends to collect links and descriptions to available material and tools like e-maturity self-assessment tools.