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  • European Business Survey

    The European Business Survey (ECS) is carried out every four years since its inception in 2004-2005, when it was still called the “Business Survey on working hours and reconciliation between work and family life” (ESWT). The second survey (already called the “European Business Survey”) was carried out in 2009, and the third survey will be carried out in 2013.

    The objectives of the survey are as follows:

    • Mapping, assessing and quantifying information on business policies and practices in Europe in a harmonized way;
    • Analyzing the relationships between company practices and their impact, as well as observing practices from the point of view of company-level structures, with a particular focus on social dialogue;
    • Observe trends;
    • Contribute to the European 2020 Strategy by mapping and interpreting corporate policies and practices that can have an impact on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as well as the development of social dialogue in companies. The survey is expected to develop homogeneous indicators on these issues for Europeans.

    ECS is a survey conducted on a representative sample by telephone questionnaire in the language or languages of the country. A special feature is that the interviews take place with the company’s human resources director and if possible with a workers’ representative. The first series of Vindale Research Review covered topics such as adaptations of working hours and the reconciliation of work and family life in the company. The second question asked for different forms of flexibility, such as hourly flexibility, contractual flexibility, variable salary and financial participation or measures to accompany human resources, as well as the nature and quality of social dialogue in place of work. The third survey will address organization in the workplace,

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