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  • Emprende in the world of beauty

    Open a facial and body treatment room with which you will get juicy profits.

    Are today more and more people concerned about their health and beauty . So much so that in Mexico, more than 80,000 companies participate in the industry, which together total monthly sales of $ 1.2 billion. But not only that. Rocío Muriedas, Director of the Mexican Chamber of the Physical Beautification Industry (Camief), assures that the profit generated by these businesses is 50%, discounting direct and indirect costs.

    And while spas are the fastest growing segment in the industry (12% annually) there are other opportunities, such as salons facial and body treatments, serving both customers looking to relax and have a beautiful and moisturized, as Those for whom vanity is no longer a luxury, but a necessity – when suffering from acne, facial spots, scars, cellulite or stretch marks.

    Michelle Lopez owns BeautyMex ( ), a clinic specializing in teas oxygen located in the Federal District. Your business has an offer that goes beyond the typical beauty treatments. She offers her clients an experience that includes aromatherapy, music therapy and chromotherapy (use of colors as a curative, antidepressant, stimulant and regenerative element).

    Lizama explains that in her salon they meet different demands ranging from the simplest facial cleansings to specialized treatments to eliminate acne and blemishes, correct lines of expression, lifting, peeling, exfoliation, anti-cellulite treatments and stretch marks, as well as massages for Combat flaccidity and reduce localized fat.

    Meanwhile, Marcela Vertiz, owner of VCI , a specialized beauty treatments business, adding that any entrepreneur interested in turning should focus its offer in semi clinical treatments for skin conditions that are not pathological. And the reason is that “these cases are treated by a medical specialist and this is what makes the difference in front of an aesthetic medicine clinic.”

    You can also supplement your offer. For example, Benjamin Monroy of Medical Diamante ( ) uses a dietitian complete services of facial and body through ozonoforesis-to oxygenate, hydrate and exfoliate the skin.

    Meet your customers

    Michelle Lizama and Federico Martínez de Alba, of BeautyMex, are blunt in saying that people over 30 are the most cared for. However, a significant percentage of its audience is composed of adolescents with acne and scarring problems. In the case of Marcela Vértiz, from VCI, the clients are mostly women between 40 and 50 years. They, because they are in the pre menopause, present hormonal changes that provoke the appearance of impurities.

    Take into account that the socioeconomic range of consumers of beauty clinics is in the medium to high level. As for the frequency with which customers come to the business, the entrepreneurs point out that it depends on the problem to be addressed and the goal to be achieved.

    For example, a person who submits to a block of standard sessions goes twice a week to the clinic and, at the end of treatment, returns for another type of services once a month or every six months. “After treating a specific problem such as dermatitis, marks or wrinkles, 100% of our clients return for a facial, body or a massage,” says Federico.

    In order to increase its profitability all year round and because the high season of these businesses is before and after vacations – when customers want to look good, mold their body, rejuvenate their face and protect against the effects of the sun, the founder of VCI created special packages . The company has services dedicated to quinceañeras and newly married couples.

    Detect who your client is is essential, since this turn does not work the word of mouth promotion. Therefore, you must create a marketing strategy and invest in advertising . For what is this? Most people prefer to hide that they have cellulitis or stretch marks because it gives them grief and, when it comes to something so intimate, telling it could affect their self-esteem.

    “You will never lack customers if you offer a complete solution to improve their health, fight their stress and make them look better,” says Federico Martinez of BeautyMex, who in five years of operating his business has treated more than 3,000 people.

    How does it work?

    According to respondents, the most demanded treatment was to lose weight and reduce sizes. Price ranges can range from $ 400 for a very simple facial to a combat pack of cellulite or stretch marks ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. The average price for a face treatment for blemishes is $ 900, explains Michelle Lizama. Depending on this, on average, a session lasts one hour although a corporal can take up to three.

    The installed capacity is determined by the number of cabins – equipped with its bed and dressing room – as well as the hours of services. The more cabins you have and the more hours the business is open, the more you will be able to serve a larger number of customers. The estimated time between one appointment and another is 15 to 20 minutes for the outgoing customer to arrange and, in the meantime, prepare the cabin to receive the next.

    Take into account that not all people are candidates for treatment. Therefore, it is advisable that in addition to the technical data sheets and “before and after” photographs, take a clinical sheet of the person to know – among other things – if you are allergic to something or when your last surgery.

    “If you have a disease you can not be given certain services or apply certain devices because they can cause a reaction or trigger something negative,” explains Marcela Vértiz. For example, a diabetic person can not do a peeling.

    The director of the Mexican Chamber of the Physical Beautification Industry (Camief), Rocío Muriedas, warns that although the personal care movement is very noble, both owners and employees of these businesses must have professional ethics. “Activity with the body requires not only dexterity, but much knowledge,” he points out.

    He adds that because it is such a delicate sector – where irreversible damage can be caused – there are quality rules that can not be forgotten. For example, the use of the apparatus is regulated by strict rules of medical use. If your intention is to include these services it considers that the training and professional development are essential to ensure the safety of users rules.

    In the case of BeautyMex, Michelle Lizama is obliged to comply not only with national standards, but with others imposed by her Italian supplier of equipment for oxygen infusion, which works at the cellular level.

    Hire trained staff

    There are estheticians, cosmetologists and cosmiatrists who are trained to treat the skin and specialize in cleaning and deep moisturizing. A cosmetologist charges about $ 4,000 per month as a base salary. In these businesses a commission is handled by clients served and products sold, along with tips, which compensate their salary.

    You can go to accredited institutes – such as the Centers of Industrial and Service Technological Studies (CETIS) – to recruit qualified personnel, either at the diplo-mado level or at the higher technical college level in estetocosmetología. There are also many private academies in the country. But in order to guarantee a quality service, it is advisable to hire people graduated from those schools that are certified before the offices of the Ministry of Public Education.

    Choose quality products

    Creams and endocosmetic products are the heart of the business. That is why, choose suppliers that offer quality and guarantee that the customer will see results. For this, you will require the participation of a specialist intermediary. Remember that these are products that are not aimed at mass consumption, unlike the cosmetic lines that are in a supermarket. This is the main difference between cosmiatry and cosmetology with the rest of the beauty products of toilet.

    Another very profitable area of business is the sale of products. For example, Marcela Vértiz trains cosmetologists to apply, treat and correct reactions. Thus, it promotes the brands of the products with which it works. BeautyMex also has exclusive distribution of both the oxygen infiltration equipment imported from Italy and the South African product line it handles – where the most economical and simple device is around US $ 10,000.

    Haydee Uriega, Coordinator Camief, is commercial distribution in Mexico line PHYSIODERMIE Swiss products ( ). The businesswoman, who sells directly to spas and stores like the Palacio de Hierro, handles a wide range of items such as makeup removers, gel, pilaten, serum, foams to level PH and products that control pigmentation. She trains cosmiatrists or cosmetologists under all safety protocols. The minimum investment to be a distributor of this type of items is $ 25,000.

    Equipment and apparatus

    The variety of devices that exists in the market is very broad and not cheap. The most common devices are those that work through laser rays, ultrasound and infrared light that penetrate the skin helping to oxygenate, produce collagen and elastin, reduce wrinkles or mobilize fat.

    Depending on the intensity of the graduation, the high technology and the aspect to be treated, you can find manual kits of $ 5,000 to $ 8,000, to more sophisticated ones that exceed $ 500,000. The average cost of a device that penetrates the cosmetic product to the skin, such as the ultrasound, costs $ 70,000. As you grow your business, you can make more appliances, but to start a basic steam equipment to extract fat and do deep cleaning or with a high frequency galvanic appliance that serves to treat more than one condition.

    For example, to treat acne high – frequency equipment is needed to kill bacteria, while one of microdermabrasion serves to exfoliate layered with diamond. Carboxytherapy devices are used to remove wrinkles with a needle that carries oxygen to the epidermis, in addition to moisturizing, reactivating and reaffirming the skin to lose weight by discarding the fat via the urinary system. And others, like those in color therapy, fight aging with lights that go directly to collagen and elastin.

    Rocío Muriedas, Director of the Camief, recommends opting for vibration equipment that is not aggressive to the body (such as the Etiole brand), have minimal risk and are simple to operate to provide a service of the highest quality.

    Permissions and Licences

    To operate this business, in addition to processing the registration in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), you must obtain the licenses for land use and operation, the permits to carry the external advertisement And declare the internal civil protection program and the parking service before the city council or delegation.

    Should have equipment, you must have a health license corresponding issued by the Ministry of Health through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS), being in charge of regulating perfumery, beauty and grooming . You will also require a physician to act as the responsible.

    “If you want to offer other applications – such as botox – you need a” medical responsive “and have personnel prepared to provide first aid,” warns Rocío Muredas, de la Camief. In addition, you must register the business with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) to comply with Mexican Official Standard NOM-110-SCFI-2004 that regulates the Business Practices in the Provision of Services for Physical Beautification, which you can consult on the page Of the Ministry of Economy:

    “Fortunately, the procedures have been streamlined,” says Benjamín Monroy of Médica Diamante, who obtained all the licenses and permits in one month, spending in total less than $ 8,000 for a two-story esthetic clinic with around 500m2 of construction and A large installed capacity (six cabins and one office).

    Soon, a certificate of the Camief will be available, which will give certainty to the clients on the quality of the services in aesthetics, rooms and beauty clinics, makeup studios, spas and cabins of facials and corporal.

    Initial Investment

    BeautyMex started with an investment of more than $ 1 million that recovered in less than a year. Currently employs 10 people. For its part, Marcela Vértiz opened VCI nine years ago with an investment of $ 50,000, starting with the basics: stretcher and products, without any apparatus. He financed the payment of rent and business expenses during the first year and went to the second when, once credited, he began to generate profits.

    Six months after its opening, Médica Diamante had accumulated more than 100 clients, employing two doctors, two nurses, two cosmiatrists and two service people. It is a clinic where, in addition to ozonephoresis treatments at the cellular level, medical therapies are given for arterial chelation and autohemotherapy that treat diseases such as arthritis and lupus. With this trend, Benjamin Monroy expects to recover his investment in a year and a half more, since from the fifth month he reached his break-even point and has not had to finance the operating expenses of the business.

    You can open a clinic basic beauty that only count with a cabin and a team of mutifuncional appliances with an investment of $ 100,000. If you want a more complete appliance, greater range of products and equipment of the highest quality, the amount can reach $ 200,000. To open a larger beauty center, with several booths and sophisticated gadgets, the investment oscillates in $ 1.5 million.

    In this model, with an initial budget of $ 224,410, it is supposed to rent a premises of at least 100m2 – located preferably inside a commercial square or in a zone of good location, for which would be paid $ 18,000 monthly. In remodeling and refurbishing the therapy booth, as well as buying paintings and other items for interior decoration, another $ 18,200 would be spent.

    Furniture and equipment, would be destined $ 129,760, that includes $ 14,760 for reception room, furniture, whites and purchase of sheets, blankets and towels. It includes two appliances for the service of more than one beauty technique (an ultrasonic of $ 70,000 and a skin scover of $ 20,000) and fine endocosmetic products for an amount of $ 25,000.

    Equipping the office area, cleaning supplies, first aid kit, buying the outdoor advertisement and paying for all the permits and licenses needs an investment of $ 24,400. On the website, printing materials and advertising investment would spend $ 34,050.

    In order to obtain more income, benefit from the facilities and cover other needs of the clientele, Rocío Muriedas suggests combining the reception area of the beauty care salon with a hairstyle, makeup or nails, since in certain treatments – such as Bodily – customers get out of the bath and perhaps like to pay for an express drying service.

    Financial model

    A standard facial treatment session lasts 45 minutes between exfoliation, mask application, washing and creams. Therefore, if the business operates 10 hours a day, under a schedule of 9:00 a.m. At 7:00 p.m. From Monday to Friday and if between session and session you leave 15 minutes, you can serve up to 10 customers per day. This considering that you only have one booth and one cosmiatrist. This way you can receive up to 210 people per month in the average 21 days you work.

    Providing this or another standard treatment of the same duration, at an average price of $ 900, in this model is assumed to start at 30% of installed capacity, which would serve three people a day during the first month, obtaining immediately $ 56.700 . As the business is positioned, sales increase and an average of six customers per day, for the sixth month would record sales of $ 118,800, reaching seven customers per day by the end of the first year, generating $ 144,900. Thus, the sum of this income for the 1,301 treatments provided in the year amounts to $ 1,170,900.

    In addition, of these more than 1,000 services served, it is assumed that a quarter of clients – that is, 325 people – paid an average of $ 250 for a make-up or hairstyle session after taking their treatment, so this area Would generate additional sales for $ 47,713.

    In this way, cumulative total revenues for the year amount to $ 1,218,613, which would mean a monthly sales average of $ 101,551, which would not only cover $ 52,353 of average monthly operating expenses, but would leave earnings of $ 49,198 per month, with A profit margin of almost 50%.

    Finally, in order to pay for expenses such as rent, utilities, salaries of the cosmetologist, payments for laundry and the purchase of essential disposables (such as cottons, disposable facial tissues and wipes), 50% of $ 628,240 of total annual expenses.

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