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  • Diets that most businessmen resort

    Steve Jobs was one of those entrepreneurs who followed a specific diet, one that used a lot of fructose. According to his official biography, written by Walter Isaacson, the computer magnate complemented his vegan lifestyle with large servings of fruit per day. Although many criticized her eating habits, Jobs managed to create a technological empire.f

    So the saying: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you how you are” applies to this case and many others, where food is part of everyday life and the most important strategies to keep pace work.

    In order to know what are those diets that follow the high command within companies, LR consulted experts in the field to make a radiograph of eating habits that are imposed by health or fashion.

    ! No more meat !, with this slogan many businessmen have chosen to leave the meat aside and choose a diet that completely abstains from consuming animal products, including eggs and milk.

    Another diet entrepreneurs with a point known is Bill Ford, Ford’s heir, who declared their vegan habits. The same happened with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, which although it is not entirely vegetarian or vegan eats only animals the same sacrifice.

    Habib Char, Life Coach says that vegan, which is a whole lifestyle, have become a trend because the benefits are when consuming products without preservatives and saturated fats such as vegetables, legumes, quinoa, seeds , grains, fruits and products that replace animal proteins.

    “For health, many men choose this diet because they can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes Also, with a good nutritional plan can receive all the nutrients needed by the body during the day, since food they consume provide the necessary calories and stay focused and allow more active during the day, “added Char.

    Another diets that continue attracting the attention of many people, as well as the refrigerator, are the nutritional plans based juices seeking detoxify the body.

    According to nutritionist and dietitian Fanny Aldana from, this diet can not only be based on green juices, for example, because the benefits will be felt if supplemented with whole-grain carbohydrates and proteins, either animal or vegetable origin.

    “The body should be in a permanent detoxification process so it is advisable to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Juices are a good complement, however, should not be abused of these, “said Aldana.

    Deleted are other diets that choosing men and women to care business. This nutritional plan proposes eat foods low in salt and sugar to prevent diseases such as hypertension and kidney problems.

    “When they reach the years and is in constant stress certain health problems appear and what better way to care for the body to stop eating foods without sugar, salt or high sodium content. This is one of diets which are used more “Aldana said.

    If you do not know what diet to follow, look in your pantry and refrigerator to see what their daily productivity is based.

    People who follow a vegan diet avoid eating animal products including eggs and dairy. More than a nutritional plan, it is a lifestyle that is inspired by a desire to improve health, preserve the environment and protect animals from harm and exploitation. Strict vegans do not use animal products such as leather, silk or certain soaps and cosmetics. In this diet you can also consume green juices containing vegetables such as celery, cucumber, green cabbage, chard and aloe vera.
    $ 800,000 market price of a product for a vegan menu that is performed for 15 days.

    Atlantic diet
    Lovers of seafood usually join this eating habit representing consume 75% of fresh fish. This diet also prioritizes the use of natural ingredients and neglects refined sugars, including fruits and vegetables in almost all dishes. Red meat is welcome in this diet because it is important to eat foods rich in iron, as noted nutritionist and dietitian Fanny Aldana. However, moderation of these foods plays an important to enjoy the benefits that leaves the paper Atlantic diet.
    $ 1,000,000 a market price corresponding to the Atlantic diet.

    Low salt and sugarĀ 
    Eat foods low in salt and sugar is one of the proposals of this diet that seeks to prevent problems of hypertension and diabetes. Animal proteins are recurrent in this food, which is recommended it is to avoid seasonings that can bring high sodium content. Among the benefits of this diet is the consumption of whole grain and high fiber carbohydrates, which help you have energy throughout the day and not think about the intake of large amounts of calories to satisfy the desire for sweets.

    Studies in the United States concludes that two out of three vegetarians occasionally consume any animal products. However, the difference is that the ‘flexitarian’ does the normal way, without constituting a violation to your diet model, while for the vegetarian is a point break your model supply. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is a clear example of how you can share this taste for the club lettuce and occasionally eat a lobster that he himself prepared.


    Fanny Aldana

    “Eating healthily is not to do rigorous diet or exaggerated, is part of a lifestyle and be able to achieve balance.”

    Char Habib
    Life Coach

    “The best balance is to add more fruits and vegetables to the diet, and so will gradually eliminating unhealthy foods”.

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