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  • Are you looking for an industrial coffee business for your bar or cafeteria?

    Spain is a country that consumes enough coffee, and therefore it is important to offer in the bar or restaurant a good coffee .

    How to achieve it? In addition to buying coffee beans of good quality, top espresso makers below $100 plays a great role for a good final product: coffee with an aroma and delicious taste.

    Although at first glance all the  coffee  industry might look the same or very similar, there are certain guidelines that you could follow to get your investment the highest possible return.

    Types of professional coffee machines

    Manual or piston: as its name suggests, it is lowered manually a cam to generate the necessary pressure and make coffee.

    Coffee machines of this type are rather a subject of collectors, not usually seen in business today restaurateurs. Although in some places where consumption is not very high, used with good coffee gourmet could provide a result worthy of the best coffee.

    Semiautomatic are those which are most often found in bars and cafes. Function by pressing a switch which operates the water pump and keeps operated for a period of about 25 seconds, while the coffee is prepared. Once the coffee is made, he pressed again for the pump to stop working.

    Automatic : This type of coffee machine is already set to “inject” some water to make coffee, so it is not necessary to disable the operation of the water pump.

     Super automatic: they are the most modern. This type of coffee includes a grinder that grinds the exact amount of product, which makes the aroma and taste of coffee is preserved. The complete cycle ago grinds coffee, press and prepares coffee.

    Tips for buying an industrial coffee

    • The first step to buy a coffee maker is to determine the needs of our business.Depending on the amount of coffees that we have to prepare for the hour or day, we will require a coffeemaker with certain requirements or another.
    • In Spain, coffee is usually prepared by subjecting a certain pressure and water temperature. It is up to the owner or manager of the machine to keep it in good condition for these two aspects are implemented in the right measure.
    • If the business is small, it may be necessary to invest in an industrial coffee, but know that the coffee for home use that have become so popular in recent years (both coffee capsules as espresso machines that prepare espresso) they are not prepared for a large volume of cafes.
    • Among the materials, it is preferred to be of stainless steel. With the boiler preferably copper.
    • Some coffee machines have accessories that allow for example prepare cappuccinos or to “soften” the water, which in certain geographical areas of Spain is really important.
    • One feature that hoteliers really appreciate is that the coffee has what is called “heated cups” as it has been shown that having cups at a suitable temperature enables better coffee, because when falling on a proper cup “aroma and taste are better.
    • Take into account the space where it will be located.
    • Compare different alternatives in terms of features, capacity, cleaning, warranty, spare parts, replacement in case of repair, etc.
    • Finally, consultation with people who have this kind of equipment, as well as the suppliers of coffee and specialized hotel equipment consultants, they can offer the best solution to your financial capacity and needs.

    You must also remember that a large part of the quality of coffee is on the maintenance is given to the machine by putting about in terms of pressure and temperature and cleaning it so that the oils waste of old coffee does not affect the quality. For this reason, the distributors of coffee recommend using filtered or “softened” water , as if very hard tap water used could be ruining the coffee slowly.

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