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    To learn English all know that we must be consistent, target practice and long – term goals. What we seek with this post is to teach you how to learn more effectively, make the most of your abilities and achieve your goals before, through tips  como aprender ingles mais rapidoPractical steps that will make your learning faster and more fun. 

    Do not miss any opportunity: every time you have the chance to speak English, do it. Have no shame and practice the language whenever you can. Besides you can always try to go to class every day and throw yourself more. Do not feel ashamed. If you think it will be worse, and every time you’ll do better.

    Do not apologize: not allowed to say something like “I’m sorry but I do not speak English” for fear of making mistakes. Remember that you are learning a language that is not yours and it is normal to make mistakes. Question, say you repeat it again and answers, learn from your mistakes. This is a more favorable situation for you as you practice English.

    Do not be afraid of making mistakes: you may have perfect grammar, but your problem is that you are afraid to speak for when youmake mistakes and people laugh at you. Throw yourself, if you have a great grammar costs less sure you learn to speak. If you mess at first is normal, but the most important thing is to practice, and see how just talking as you write. The errors are eliminated only if you practice and remember that everyone who has learned a language has made mistakes.

    Do not give up: as with any new to us that we had to learn anything, there will be times we feel we never get to speak English fluently.Nobody is born knowing. So you think like an athlete, if every time you miss practice more and more hours before you reach the goal you want to achieve.

    Intensive English course

    Do not translate word for word : to hear your native language does not translate word for word, because if you would not slowing down the process. Do the same when you hear speak English. Pay attention to the words you already know, in pronunciation, gestures and facial expressions, and actions being carried out.

    Listen to all: if you only pay attention to single words and grammatical structures will be more difficult learning progress. It is much better learn to understand sentences, as it gives more fluidity. This is achieved by watching movies or series in original version, listening to the radio or audio books. A fun way to learn and gives very good results.

    Take notes: carrying a notebook or points above the mobile phrases you hear that you think may be useful in the future, phrases have liked or you did not understand. If you have targeted it is easier than you remember that phrase when you need it and be able to use a whole sentence instead of words.

    Set some goals and have clear goals: What are your goals? Why do you study English? Why learn a new language? Want to travel to English – speaking countries or will you work outside your country? What are your goals? What is the learning method you want touse? Ask yourself all this and more you can think of to keep perspective and motivation, and know the reasons why you are learning this language.

    Do not think that is the end: if you’ve reached a point that you think you’ve stalled, opt for other alternatives to keep learning. The more methods you can incorporate into the learning experience, the faster you will learn. Try podcasts, digital radio, movies and television, listen to music in English or even find another teacher or school.

    Remember that your learning needs are individual: if you have a textbook to learn and keep track not have to stick to it in full, as your learning needs do not have to be the same as the structure having the book. Use it as a resource.

    And finally … have a positive attitude . If you are constantly repeating that never get to speak English, then you will not. Recognizes the negativity, identify the problem and then give yourself a break. You can recognize that it is difficult, but I try and turn it back positive. Anyone can learn English with a little time and effort.

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